Friday, January 27, 2012

Now that the holidays have passed and we are into the new year, there has been a flurry of activity involving legal entanglements with Ladco Leasing et al. One of the members of the Ladco group discovered this very interesting website: It is one humongous wealth of information shared concerning merchant scams. And wouldn't you know it, right there under this company's aliases is LADCO LEASING.
********************************* Microfinancial/Leasecomm Throws in the Towel After 20 months of futile attempts to secure new funding for their scam operations, Microfinancial/Leasecomm has “thrown in the towel” as far as Leasecomm is concerned and decided to completely re-invent their criminal corporation. The criminal reputation of Leasecomm has become too well known to continue operations under that name. In order to get desperately needed funding, they had to come up with a new alias. The new ALIAS is TIME PAYMENT CORP. The new website has no reference, whatsoever, to their relationship with Microfinancial or Leasecomm. Kudos To all the victims and the Govt. agencies that have taken a stand and fought this evil corporation. WARNING! The criminal mind is seldom changed, just redirected ****************************** More Aliases Transaction Enabling Systems proudly claims MFI as their "parent corporation", but others, such as Ladco Leasing and Northern Leasing have attempted to remain anonymous. Ladco and Northern were exposed on the Yahoo Finance message board for MFI by Daniel Ficello. "Big Dan" is believed to be an employee of MFI because his home address is listed as Daniel Ficello of 59 Cambridge rd. Woburn Ma. (781) 938-6726, which is very close to MFI headquarters.
The author of this website affirms what the people in our group have been learning, that it's worth your time and effort to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT these crooks. Too many people don't, so they can afford to lose a few because they are MAKING SO MUCH MONEY OFF OF THEIR VICTIMS. I'll be back soon with some updates gleaned from e-mails.