Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Same S#^% Different Year

Elavon is up to their own tricks again--or still would be more correct here.  They go ahead and pay whatever paltry settlement necessary to get rid of the biggest "troublemakers" and then carry on merrily with their old unethical business practices just because there are always new victims to be had who cave and pay whatever is necessary to get Elavon off their backs rather than fight the difficult and time-consuming fight necessary to beat these jerks. I'm beginning to notice a pattern, and that is that their unpleasant and unscrupulous collections and scare tactics seem to escalate toward the end of a calendar year. 'Tis the season....

There is ongoing discussion about Elavon's practices on various internet forums devoted to consumer complaints.  

For those merchants who are looking to set up merchant services accounts, you can find honest, non-biased reviews of many merchant services providers at  I stumbled across their site once upon a time during my  relentless search for info about Elavon as well as other merchant services providers. Their
Elavon review is an interesting read in light of my own experience.  Personally, I think their rating of C/C-  is very generous.