Just Film v Merchant Services....

Here is the court brief v. MBF Leasing (attached) which was filed in San Francisco (it is excellent bed time reading, btw). It is very detailed & alleges that the collection agency is actually part of the leasing company.


Here is the latest from the district attorney to the scumbags Ladco, it's great news,  Ladco has to stop all collection until further notice..
Unfortunately, our office cannot directly contact Ladco's collection attorney.  However, you may notify him that you have been in contact with the District Attorney's Office in Ventura and have been informed by them that Ladco has agreed to place a hold/suspend collection action on your account at this time.  If he contests this and continues his pursuit of collection on the account after receiving your notification of this information, please forward his response to this office immediately.  You can fax any correspondence to my attention at: 805/662-1770.